Narasimha Mantra created by Lord Shani

Narasimha Mantra created by Lord Shani

Lord Laxmi Narasimha

Lord Shani created this Powerful Lord Narasimha Stothra for the Benevolence for common Man which when Recited it Wards off all Shani Doshas affected and immediate Success comes in all Directions.

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Yoga Narasimha

Laxmi Narasimha temple-Yelahanka New Town-Bengaluru

Laxmi Narasimha Temple-Maddur-Karnataka

One must read this Mantra daily even on old Births Dwadasa , Astama Janmas if any Shani Dosha carried over this Mantra will Remove all Obstacles and get Fulfillment in the Life.

———– Hari Om ———–




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